help your kids succeed

All parents want to help their kids succeed in academics.

However, parents lead busy lives with many responsibilities, bills, and deadlines.

One of the most important factors in a child's success in education is the degree to which their parents are involved.

Club Math makes parents' lives easier by giving them great tools to stay engaged with their child's education and monitor their progress toward academic goals.

Our Story

As an educator, Rodney Halimi was passionate about helping children excel in academics. He independently developed innovative teaching methods and began developing educational websites and apps in his spare time.


He realized that as much as he could develop helpful apps, the real key to a child's academic success is their parents.


He asked Jonathan Peralez and Frank Raymond, fellow board members of his USC Alumni Club, to work with him to develop tools that would help parents better engage with their children.


We are committed to providing a bright future for our world by improving engagement between parents and their kids. We believe that by creating fun, rich, and engaging experiences for parents and kids, we can make them better partners in achieving academic success.


Rodney Halimi

Jonathan Peralez

Frank Raymond

Rodney is a lifelong educator and is experienced in developing teaching methods and software which use unique and intuitive approaches to teaching difficult concepts.

Jonathan has a background in management consulting and technology. He uses his knowledge of best practices and technological expertise to lead the development of innovative software.

Frank is an experienced entrepreneur and investor and lends his years of business development and experience in business strategy to the team.

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